Our Buying Process

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Our Porsche inspection process

We are always on the lookout for good Porsches. There is never a wrong time of year and we are looking for reasons to buy your car rather than reasons not to. All too often dealers spend their lives telling owners why cars are the wrong model, wrong colour or wrong specification, we try to see the good in everything. To us condition is key. A thorough Porsche inspection process is the key to buying a good used car avoiding costly mistakes.

We don’t expect cars to be perfect when we appraise them. There are some aspects of the vehicle which have to be right because correction is either not possible or prohibitively expensive but where things can be improved we are happy to do so. The most common issue we come across are cosmetic imperfections and we are well versed in addressing these so it doesn’t matter if your car has a scratch or a dent, that won’t stop us from buying it. Obviously our offer price will reflect any remedial work required.

We have decades of experience buying and selling Porsches and we know what we are looking at. Customers tell us that we inspect cars more thoroughly than any other dealer prior to purchase and that’s a good thing. Not only does it give reassurance to the eventual buyer but it means we recognise exceptional cars. We don’t just group everything together and offer a single price regardless of whether it’s good bad or indifferent, we acknowledge the very best examples in our bids. This allows us to buy some very special cars over the course of a year. Strange as it sounds we are happier paying a little bit too much for the right car rather than bagging a “bargain” average one.

Once we are agreed on a deal we pay using an immediate bank transfer. No waiting for cheques to clear “fees” or other delays. We settle any outstanding finance directly with the lender and can also deal with any paperwork relating to personalised registration numbers. 

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