OBD Checks

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Porsche OBD (on board diagnostic) checks

As part of our inspection process all our Porsche cars are ECU interrogated. We use the latest diagnostic equipment that allows us to communicate with any Porsche car fitted with an OBD port. This includes 964 through 992 model Porsche 911 cars as well as 968, Boxster, Cayman, Macan and Cayenne and Panamera models.

We consider this an essential part of our buying process. A visual vehicle inspection will only tell us so much, while the ECU report allows access to information pertaining to the life a car has led. We can tell how aggressively a car has been driven by studying Rev Range activity.

We can qualify with confidence whether or not an odometer mileage reading is accurate and calculate an average speed which quantifies how much “work” a car has done. We can search for faults and associated fault codes held on the various control units, look at archived instrument cluster events such as low oil levels and excessive engine temperatures. We can tell if an airbag has been deployed. We can even check for retrospective performance tunes. The data is far reaching and relevant allowing us to purchase a car and sell it with a level of confidence, knowing there to be absolutely no provenance or vehicle integrity issues.

Our insistence on transparency means that every car supplied will come complete with a current ECU report. Our sales team will take the time to explain the importance of the information contained within each report giving a potential buyer the necessary assurances that the car in question is worthy of consideration.

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