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“It was a pleasure buying my first 911 (997.1 C2S) from Tom & team. I particularly appreciate that Tom is not a ‘pushy salesman’ – he was more than happy to sit, have a coffee, and answer my 100s of (probably quite stupid) questions – especially given my budget was at the lower end range. He was frank and honest about why their cars are a little more expensive than buying privately (they scout for high-quality cars, service them head to toe, and offer a guarantee that backs it all up). Given the infamous reports of 997.1 IMS bearing, catastrophic failures, this gave me peace of mind, helped me find an amazing car, which I know will hold a  strong resale value. 

Their attention to detail is verging on the OCD 😉  the day before I was picking up the car, they found a TINY nick in the paintwork, sent a pic (I could barely spot it), and worked on it before they would let me pick it up. They also found a leak in the aircon pipe. There was a long wait for Porsche to get hold of the part – so Tom suggested that I take the car and bring it back when they received it. When they did, the car went in, replaced the pipe, had another check over the car, changed a bulb, cleaned and polished etc. none of which I had asked for! I have also texted the team a number of times asking more stupid questions about oil, cleaning, entertainment systems etc and they are always quick to reply with sound advice. 

The team genuinely care about the cars and see the value in looking after their customers. The garage is set in a beautiful setting, and full of gorgeous cars. My 6 yr old (and I!) we’re in heaven and got to have a poke around and sit in some amazing 911s. I hope to be coming back here for many more cars to come.” Mr Howarth – 18/03/2022

The car is amazing, both in appearance and to drive. I really am very impressed. As always 911V presented the car in impeccable fashion and exactly as described. Budflicker – 11th May 2018. Pistonheads

Not many people in car sales I trust but Tom at 911V is the exception to that rule. Super honest, no bulls**t, knows my expectations and is a lovely guy to deal with. This is the 2nd Porsche I’ve bought from him and he could teach OPCs a lot about customer care and professionalism. There again, its the OPC network’s inability to please a lot of us enthusiasts that allow businesses like 911V to thrive chrisABP – Pistonheads January 18th 2018

On the 911Virgin white mezger turbo. You could literally walk into 911 Virgin’s office blindfolded and sign on the dotted line in the knowledge that the car will not disappoint you and probably be worth a bit more when you sell it in the future“. Desert Dragon – 911UK December 15th 2017

A couple of colleagues have previously purchased 911s from 911virgin and they couldn’t praise the honesty and service provided by them highly enough. So when the time came to source and buy a 993 Carrera Coupe, there was only one specialist for me to contact. Spoke with Tom over the phone and all of the positive comments previously written about him and 911virgin are spots on. Tom is straightforward and honest….an absolute gentleman and a pleasure to deal with. I’m busy, so most of the transaction was dealt with over the phone and via email and I had so much confidence in Tom that I only saw the car, in the flesh, for the 1st time on collection day! The car was as described and immaculate. Rest assured, when I make a further purchase within the 911 range I will be back in touch“. Via email, December 15th 2017

Just wanted to send an email to try and express how pleased I am with the car. As you know I had been looking for some time! I can honestly say that you’ve made my first Porsche purchase an enjoyable one, from the first phone call to kindly dropping the car off yesterday, it’s been a pleasure to speak to you and deal with you, not once did I feel any pressure from yourself or any of your colleagues. You’ve all been absolutely brilliant and are by far the BEST company that I have come across. I will have no problem in recommending you to anyone that I know that intends on buying a Porsche. I will now enjoy the car for a few years and hopefully, see you again one day to purchase a newer 911! Via email

I wanted to drop you a line to say thank you once again for your exemplary service in proving the two cars. Both are stunning machines absolutely in showroom condition. Like my industry, the motor trade does not typically get good press, but I have to say 911 Virgin surpasses expectations every time.
I have actually lost track of how many cars I have bought from you and indeed sold back to you over the years, but every time it has been a pleasure. I have always felt really fairly dealt with. All the staff at 911 virgin are a pleasure to do business with.
Via email

“I received a couple of enquiries from Club members, but no offers. I had offers from the trade but below my asking price. I’d sold through 911v in the past, so they were a known quantity to me. They sold the car within a few hours of it arriving at their showroom and paid me the agreed sum the next working day. A completely professional hassle-free transaction.” Porsche Club GB forum – October 2017

“Everything you have read about 911 Virgin is true. Possibly the most relaxed and classy car buying experience I’ve had……. The price is very fair, and the transaction completely transparent.” APL911 – 911UK September 23rd 2017

“911V don’t buy crap, don’t sell crap, and don’t talk crap. Get it bought!  You’re a long time dead” Marky911 – 911UK September 22nd 2017

“It’s been said before, but Tom and the whole team, including Joji are a credit to the world of car dealers. It helps that they can afford to be picky about buying stock and are not dependent on shifting a certain amount of metal each month to pay the bills – hence they can choose what they buy and what they politely reject.

No sharp intake of breath and sucking of teeth when talking valuations and no moving of goalposts at any stage – just straight forward, polite and honest service. ” jpsand993c2s – 911UK September 8th 2017

“911 Virgin are obviously well known around here, but I’d like to call them out anyway. That they know the market inside out, only select good cars and prepare them brilliantly is great, but for me what makes them special is they know and value their customer base.” MJA911. 911UK August 9th 2017

“I have no affiliation to 911v, but I do have a high regard for their commitment to customer satisfaction having bought twice from them.” April 6th 2017 – MJA911. 911UK

Bought a 997 gen1 from 911Virgin a few years back now.  Sold it back to them 12 months later due to family commitments and they were very fair to me.  Can’t recommend 911 Virgin enough“.  Fastlowe – 18th March 2017. 911UK

I had some terrific conversations with Tom about a wide range of subjects but all pertaining to Porsches, 911Virgin and the proposition they offer customers.  It was obvious that they took customer experience very seriously indeed.  For example, the sale transaction was easy and smooth.  Terms and conditions were clearly explained.  It was professional and considered.  It was never pressured but equally, it was never tardy or disinterested.  It was always focused on one thing: “Does this work okay for you?”

“In summary, my overwhelming view of 911Virgin is that you may be buying a car, but they are working hard to buy a customer.  I’ll take that every time.
New997buyer – 18th February 2017. 911UK

I also can’t speak highly enough of 911V. Recently bought my 996 C4S from them. They were great to deal with, open honest and down to earth. Best of all though, I had a minor issue which was sorted without question. Spot252 – 15th January 2017. Pistonheads

I bought my GT3 from 911Virgin and the buying experience was as near to perfect as you could wish for and they will stick to the car like glue if something does go wrong. Sadly I recently had to sell my car and 911Virgin sold it for me within 24 hours of advertising it and they also collected the car so absolutely no effort needed on my part.” – Kas750 – 14th August 2016. 911UK

I have just sold two cars to Tom at 911Virgin… As a sale, it was completely pain-free, polite and I got paid in minutes with no complications or hassle. Nimrod – 31st October 2016. 911UK

A good ABP customer has bought it and found dealing with Tom at 911V just as pleasurable as I did when I bought my 997.2 GTS from them ChrisABP – 19th March 2015. Pistonheads

Massive thank you to all at 911 Virgin especially Tom & Dan for helping in my quest for a perfect spec 997.2 GTS.  Excellent service throughout and superb communication and help with my purchase.  Found the Porsche dealerships slightly arrogant and condescending (a bit like in the film Pretty Woman!) and they could learn a lot from 911V!  Great handover today with Terry who was very informative and helpful.  And the car – a lifelong dream come true, utterly brilliant and instantly addictive in every way!  Thanks, guys.Chris M. 1st October 2014. Facebook

I’m ex motor trade and therefore a bit cynical with traders, whilst searching for my 993 I visited 911V along with a lot of the other specialist indies in the country.  The two cars that 911V had in at the time didn’t appeal to me, one was a tip the other a Targa, but the level of service, advice, customer care and all-round professionalism that I experienced at 911V was head, shoulder, chest and stomach above any of the other dealers I visited.Oldnbold – 7th November 2014. 911UK

They won an award in the recent Porsche Awards so it is no surprise, but I personally find them an exceptionally pleasant and personable team.  Many of my customers have bought from them, sometimes consecutive cars.  They buy well and sell even better.Chris (Excel Wheels) – 26th April 2014. 911UK

“Tom even called to explain that they had authorised the dealer to fit new air conditioning condensers at significant cost – even though it was only an advisory point for the future. He didn’t have to do that but I think that speaks volumes about the reputation that they are looking to build for themselves. The handover experience last Tuesday (the night before my birthday!) was amazing and just made the whole event very memorable/special indeed. Nothing was too much trouble – they even asked me if they could make a fresh set of plates up for my private reg! ” 26th April 2013 – Nattyboy. 911UK

“After months looking for the right car, in November last year I put a deposit on a Cobalt Blue Carrera S at 911 Virgin. At just under four years old, with 36,000 miles on the clock, it was in stunning condition.” February 18th 2013 – Mark Lawton. Evo Magazine

“To say I am happy would be an understatement. The whole package – the car, its condition, its provenance, the buying experience with 911 Virgin, the engine, the chassis – everything about the experience of buying, owning and driving my first Porsche GT3 has been sensational.” 22nd April 2012 – Jack Wood. Drive cult

“These guys pride themselves on delivering top quality cars and excellent service and support. they say that an awful lot of their sales are repeat business. Now I know why. As far as I’m concerned this is exemplary after-sales service. Thanks, guys !” robbom3 – 7th February 2012. Pistonheads

“out of all the dealers I spoke to, 911v gave me by far and above the best price and that was an outright purchase rather than a p/x” Nano2nd – 22nd January 2012. Pistonheads

“You won’t have any problems buying from 911V. I bought my 997 from them last year and can’t fault any of the guys or their cars. Many an OPC and Indi could learn a lesson from Henry and Tom” 10th January 2012 – HoHoHo. Pistonheads

Just thought I’d mention the great experience I had today at 911 Virgin. I sold a car to them and it was a first-class experience. Now I made it easier by presenting a top-notch car, but that being said it was an extremely straightforward transaction at a price that worked for me and them. So not all dealers are greedy so and so’s! I had tried a couple of other places and the prices offered were pretty derisory. BertBert – 27th August 2011. Pistonheads

Really fantastic service. The car is an absolute peach 911P – 8th January 2011. Pistonheads

“A very easy and pleasant experience. I think there are a few dealers that could learn a thing or two from these guys.” Sy247 – 18th November 2010. Pistonheads

“I called them looking for a bid on my 996 last year. Friendly on the phone, straight to the point, knew what he was talking about, his indicative bid range was the best of the dealers I called (two others were a joke). In my limited opinion from internet research (and hindsight), his bid range was spot on.2something – 13th January 2009. Pistonheads

I have had a vehicle through my workshop today for a check over for track use and replace an interior component and damn this car is one of the most looked after 911s I’ve seen and worked on.

If this is the standard of vehicles he buys in or turns out then he is one top trader…” Sportsandclassic – 15th January 2007. Pistonheads

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