Meet the Team


Our noble leader. Henry has been around the block and seen the motor trade from a number of different angles. He started selling more general cars before specialising in the Porsche marque. He was selling classic Porsches when they were current cars but has moved with the times and appreciates current offerings and the technology they afford.

Henry raced 911 GT3 Cup cars at various levels up to and including 24 hour races. A love of travel particularly Thailand and South East Asia, a commercially endorsed offshore Yachtmaster for motor boats up to 200 gross tonnes. In recent years Henry has discovered cycling in a bid to stay fit and healthy.


Tom heads up the day to day running of 911virgin and is Henry’s half brother. He joined the company in 2000 out of University and spent the first few years learning the ropes before gradually developing his own knowledge base. He is well versed in the more recent Porsches which have been current during his time here as well as the older cars having dealt with them on a daily basis for some 20 years.

Tom has a good understanding of the used Porsche market and in particular the more specialist cars within it’s history. A formidable tennis player in his youth Tom still picks up a racket and holds his own on court.


Matt joined 911virgin relatively recently and has fitted in like a glove becoming an integral part of the sales team. A certified petrolhead he has owned some interesting cars both in and out of the Porsche stable. Matt works alongside Tom and Dan on the sales and also with Henry to produce the videos on our YouTube channel.

When not working here Matt is a keen musician and an accomplished guitar player. He is also involved in the technical aspects of live performance.


Sharon worked alongside Henry during the early days of 911virgin. Late nights picking up cars, long days with the chamois leather and polishing rag whilst at the same time helping to transform our base from 3 acres of South Buckinghamshire mud into a working car dealership.

These days Sharon takes care of the day to day finances and woe betide anyone who doesn’t have their receipts in order! A keen member of the local gym and a love of travel that has taken both her and Henry around the world.


David has spent a lifetime in the motor trade seeing it gradually descend into a grey hole of corporate mediocrity. Looking for a dealership with traditional values where he could genuinely make a difference to the customer experience our paths crossed. The Porsche seed was sown as small child entering a local Porsche main agent with his father and the journey continues with us.

When not selling cars and organising preparation works he can rustle up a decent plate of food and is a BBQ god – his words not ours. David also enjoys travel often visiting less traditional holiday spots which have included Palestine, Georgia and Beirut in the past.


By training Peter is an accountant but there’s only so much joy numbers can bring to your life. His true vocation has always been vehicle detailing. Self taught what he doesn’t know about paint finishes and the various products and potions associated with them could be written on the back of a postage stamp with a very thick pen.

Peter heads up our Ceramic coating and paint correction team helping owners maintain that just handed over finish and allowing them to constantly re-live the day they first set eyes on their new ride.


Noel joined 911virgin in 2004 and looks after day to day valeting. A steady pair of hands and a keen eye for detail ensures cars are presented in their best condition. Patience and knowing how to handle a polishing mop are key attributes.

Outside of work Noel has a love of music and would be the first to describe himself as strictly old school. He also enjoys the theatre, the great outdoors and is another one who likes to get out on his bike in an attempt to keep fit.


From the early days when she hung upside down as the poster girl for 911virgin Emily has been involved in the company. Now at university studying Business management Emily helps manage the social media and web presence. Alongside Matt she works with Henry on the YouTube channel filming both PTC and action vehicle shots.

Emily has been dancing virtually since birth and more recently has combined this with her gymnastic skills to fly in a competitive cheer leading squad where she also performs a role as coach.


Bentley heads up the security team working alongside more traditional electronic methods. Long hours – he lives on site, are rewarded by unlimited meals, occasional doggy bags and the odd toy. Occasionally he finds his bed occupied by tiger the cat and has up to now trod a thin line to avoid conflict.

On a more serious note please don’t be tempted to pet Bentley on arrival.

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