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Porsche warranty and gurarantee when buying a used car from 911virgin.

The biggest fear when buying a used Porsche is that your purchase turns out to be faulty or has a chequered past. With this in mind we protect you in several ways.
We inspect all cars thoroughly prior to offering them for sale. More cars end up being rejected than purchased, in many cases the reasons for rejection aren’t immediately apparent and the cars later go on to be offered for sale by dealers elsewhere. We purchase virtually all our stock directly from private owners, our experience of buying through the trade is that our inspection criteria usually exceeds that of the dealer offering us the vehicle.

We look at 5 distinct areas of a car when assessing it:

Bodywork and structural integrity. This includes accident damage, general condition of the panel work, originality and identity (vehicle identification numbers etc.).

Mechanical condition. An overall assessment of mechanical condition and service state. Specialist knowledge over more than 2 decades means there is little we have not seen in the past. We can also call on an extensive support network should investigative work be required.

Overall condition. Is the car in a condition consistent with age, mileage and value. The interior is a good indication of how much work a car has done for instance.

Diagnostic checks. We interrogate the electronic control units of our cars. This allows us to verify mileage, previous incidents and the manner in which a car has been driven. At this stage we can assess any engine over rev activity.

Paper checks. As well as physical checks we are members of HPI and use them to check for issues such as outstanding finance, insurance total loss claims, vehicle theft, identity cloning, previous registration numbers and so on.

Prior to offering cars for sale we correct any cosmetic defects so that they are in a condition consistent with age, mileage and price. We are conscious that people travel a long way to see our stock and in many cases buy unseen over the phone. We want you to be delighted when you see the vehicle. If a service falls due in the next 3 months or 3,000 miles we will undertake this prior to your collection of the car from us.

Even with all these checks in place things can go wrong. Legally a dealer is required to put right any fault that was present on a car at the time of sale. We want to go further than that to ensure the transition into your new car is a smooth one. We want to provide added benefit to our customers supporting them through the initial months of ownership.

For 3 months or 3,000 miles (which ever comes first) after purchase we will correct any faults that arise regardless of whether or not they were present when you bought the car. We hope this provides the assurance that you have bought a good car with nothing swept under the carpet or hidden from you.

In addition we provide the option of 12 months cover against engine or gearbox faults covering all the usual concerns a buyer might have when purchasing a Porsche. Available on all our cars at a cost of £500. The policy is underwritten by ourselves and covers excessive bore scoring and IMS bearing failure amongst other items.

We want you to be happy. We have been around for a long time and hope to be here for many years to come. It is with great pride that we have never needed to employ the services of a legal expert in relation to a car we have sold. If someone has a problem it concerns us and we resolve it. There aren’t layers of customer service advisors to wade through, any issues are dealt with directly by the people you met when making your purchase.

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