Porsche Servicing

We don’t service cars on site and are often asked why. We are unusual in that the cars we sell span a wide range from the mid ’70s through to the present day. Most dealers limit themselves to a narrow age band.

By using the main dealers and a network of experienced specialists we can match each car to the best garage. A workshop who service 30 year old 3.2 Carreras aren`t usually the best people to service for a 2 year old 911 or Cayenne and visa versa. Each era of cars have their own bespoke needs and nuances. The newer cars undoubtedly place higher emphasis on electronics and diagnostics but that’s not to say it’s painting by numbers. Very often the diagnostic tool points some distance from the actual fault, knowledge and experience lead to the root cause. Sometimes feedback from the factory is required and that can only be accessed via the official dealer network.

With older cars comes the need to carefully disassemble so as not to destroy. It isn’t a production line and treating it as one can lead to an expensive trail of unnecessary replacement parts. Even the sourcing of parts for older cars is a skill in it’s self. The network of independent specialist in the UK hold a wealth of information which stretches far beyond what might be gleaned on the internet. These people have forgotten more than most of us will ever know. Specialist tools and techniques that get your classic Porsche back on the road in perfect health.

Some specialists are best suited to full engine rebuilds, others to more routine service jobs. By choosing to outsource we are able to marry each car and job to the most relevant workshop.

Working as we do also ensures a qualified third party casts their eye over our cars prior to their delivery. If you do your own in house servicing the temptation to turn a blind eye every now and again is often too strong to ignore. We can also police service work, ultimately if there was a problem we could go elsewhere, with your own service facility you are stuck.

We pride ourselves on our technical knowledge and for a car dealers know our way around a Porsche pretty well to the point where we have become a source of reference in some instances. We have our own in house diagnostic facilities which allow us to interrogate all models up to and including the current 992 model 911 as well as Cayman, Boxster, Macan and Cayenne models.

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In line with the latest guidelines our showroom is currently closed to visitors. We remain open for collection of vehicles on a "click & collect" basis and we can also arrange delivery at cost.

We have staff on site responding to both telephone and email enquiries.

To discuss selling your Porsche contact us by email or telephone