Porsche Servicing

Our workshop is a temple of Porsche knowledge headed up by senior technician Niel. As a 15 year old he started his career with an apprenticeship at Ford. A passion for motorsport saw him move to West Surrey Racing where he helped run a certain Ayrton Senna. At 22 he found himself at the Guildford Porsche main dealers and the badge stuck. Over 35 years later we are blessed with his wealth of experience covering vehicles from the 1980’s through to the modern era.

We undertake all Porsche service and repair work. Initially set up to prepare our own sales vehicles the workshop inevitably saw external customers asking if we could look at their cars and so the service department was created. We have full diagnostic equipment but importantly good old fashioned analogue skills as well. We are members of the official Porsche Partner Network. This allows select independent specialists access to official technical support from the factory. Combined with the Porsche online parts catalogue we can effect quality repairs using genuine Porsche parts. There are times when it is more cost effective to source OEM parts outside the Porsche network but we will always advise and offer the option.

Particularly through working on older cars we are sympathetic and understanding to a cars needs. Sometimes a fitting needs gentle persuasion rather than brutal bullying in order to avoid costly damage or unnecessary parts. We also have a network of specialists available who cover aspects such as engineering, trim and component refurbishment. Porsche are one of the few manufacturers that extend parts availability beyond the most recent models making it possible to source most items off the shelf.

Call or email to discuss any requirements you might have.

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