Porsche Servicing

Most repair and service work is carried out in house through our specialist workshop. We are fortunate to have a technical knowledge that spans the wide timeline of cars we sell. With later cars comes the need for computer based diagnostics whilst earlier cars require more of a mechanical feel and understanding, we are well equipped on both fronts. It helps to have been around the block a few times so in most cases it won’t be the first time a problem has been encountered, that said we approach every job with an open mind.

Particularly through working on older cars we are sympathetic and understanding to a cars needs. Sometimes a fitting needs gentle persuasion rather than brutal bullying in order to avoid costly damage or unnecessary parts. In terms of parts we source from the main dealers or an OEM supplier. We also have a network of specialists available who cover aspects such as engineering, trim and component refurbishment. Porsche are one of the few manufacturers that extend parts availability beyond the most recent models making it possible to source most items off the shelf. We have computer based parts cataloging for all road going Porsche cars within our remit.

Whilst the bulk of our workshop time is taken by sales vehicles we do have some availability for third party service and repair work. Call to discuss any requirements you might have safe in the knowledge your car will be worked on by a senior technician of over 25 years Porsche experience.

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