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Porsche Paint Correction and Ceramic coating

We invest a lot of time and effort on the presentation of our cars to the point where “WOW” is the first word most people say when seeing them for the first time. The process requires skill, time, materials and specialist equipment which fortunately we have. Our Porsche paint correction process and ceramic coating uses products from leading British development company Gtechniq who are well respected and have over 20 years experience.

Once we have perfected the car’s paint finish using a combination of cleansing and polishing actions we apply two distinct products. The first is Gtechniq’s Crystal Serum light ceramic coating. This acts as a tough outer layer which resists scratching and hazing. It also prevents staining and makes it easier to remove contaminates from the bodywork. The coating is applied carefully as a single layer bonding directly to the clear lacquer top coat.

The second product we apply is Gtechniq’s EXO V4. Applied in two layers this is a hydrophobic layer designed to bead water and make it run off the car easier when driving.

The end result is a car that stays looking at it’s best for longer, is easier to clean and that protects your investment by looking like it’s just left the showroom for longer.

The cost of paint correction and application of Crystal Serum light / EXO V4 depends on the condition of your paintwork but typically starts from around £750 plus Vat

If you order Ceramic coating / Hydrophobic protection when purchasing a car form us we offer it at the special price of just £450 plus Vat to reflect the fact we have already done much of the hard work in preparing the vehicle for sale.

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